About the Event
The Future of Economic Development in Georgia
Tomorrow is Yesterday

Guests are invited to attend a specialized fast-paced, lively, professionally produced online Virtual Innovation Summit, first as a live event and then as on-demand 24/7 feature. Upon registration for the live event, a guest is sent a confirmation email and two reminder emails with all details about the event
Event Entrance URL
Event Agenda
Contest Details if Applicable
Technical Reminders (such as having speakers turned on)
Sponsors Recognition if Applicable

On the day of the live event, guests are allowed to enter 20 minutes before the presentation begins. Typically, music plays and guests text chat with an event representative and among themselves. At the appointed time, a host begins the show with a welcome and, usually but not always, one or more entertaining videos about the topic. After the videos play, the host comes back to introduce the first presenter. While the presentation is being made, a slide provides full contact or follow through information. Each presenter provides a topic introduction, answering pre-submitted questions or live text chat questions as time allows. The audience typically communicates with one another during the event or submits question and information requests to presenters. Twitter like announcements are pushed over the text chat, a documents section provides further downloadable information and enrichment Web site links are also available. The event is informative, fast paced and social, lasting 30 to 40 minutes.

While the saved text chat is followed through with answers to questions posed by individuals or requested information, the live event is prepared for on-demand viewing for six to 12 months. The on-demand module offers the opportunity to send questions to presenters.

Because the organization inviting guests to the event is using the professional online events production services of Globalspeak.com, the organization is focused entirely on providing hospitality and information. Enjoy!


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